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Balneology has strong positions between non-medical methods of rehabilitation. Bath is one of the main hydropathic procedures in the modern world sanatorium-and-spa system. Mineral baths are highly effective and widely used.


Its usage improves protective and adaptive properties of human organism, liquidates functional disorders which are pathological base of any sickness.


Temperature and mechanical factors in accordance with mineral and biologically active substances give positive influence on a human’s health.


This is a good stimulation for cardio-vascular, nervous and endocrine systems.


The healthy effect of baths is based on the famous theory of reflector activity realized through neurohumoral mechanisms.


There is a wide range of mineral baths for sicknesses treatment such as iodine-bromine, carbonic, sulphide and hydrosulphuric.


There is no doubt that natural sources baths are highly appreciated. But because of their geographical remoteness the modern balneology will always aim to search for new highly-effective artificial analogues of mineral waters.


Iodine-bromine baths have healthy effect when endocrine, cardio-vascular, muscular-skeletal and skin diseases appear. Iodine has positive influence on metabolism and strengthens endocrine glands functions. Iodine-bromine baths are effective in the treatment of central and peripheral systems, podagra, osteochondrosis, polyneuritis and plexitis diseases. Investigations confirm that these bath improves blood circulation. That is why it can be prescribed even to old people.


The influence of iodine and bromine ions can hardly be over praised since they are biologically active substances and play a great role in a vital activity of a human organism.  They are organic parts of organs and tissues, but the largest amount of iodine is situated in thyroid gland and bromine – in hypophysis. Iodine-bromine baths can be referred to the category of active balneotheraupetic procedures having positive effect on a human’s health.


Iodine-bromine baths have relaxing, bactericidal properties. They recompense the lack of iodine that is vitally important and assimilated by organism through skin and lungs.


“Yaventa-Plus” company, a manufacturer and supplier of balneology production offers iodine-bromine salt “Crystal”. This composition is convenient in transportation, storage and use. The dosage of 100 g on 1 bath is therapeutically accurate proportion (25 mg/1l)


A basic as a standard chemical composition is taken of natural bromine water of Hadyzhenskiy source. Contents of the main biologically active substances in it is: iodine, 40 mg/1; bromine-up to 25-40mg/liter. With a dosage of 100 g tub therapeutic dose of iodine is-19mg/l, and bromine-66 mg/liter.


As experience has shown, the usage of iodine-bromine salt “Crystal” produced by “Yaventa-plus” for sanatorium-and-spa treatment has improved health of more than 80% of patients. This is confirmed by the informational letter of Sochi Scientific-research Institute of balneology and rehabilitation.


The assortment of offered by “Yaventa-Plus” production includes sea salt “Crystal”; it refers to the combined mineral waters with a high degree of mineralization and has a wide popularity in the balneology practice.


The main peculiarity of its influence on human health is its settling on skin building up some kind of “salt coat”. It gives a long-term after-bath effect on nerve-endings.


Sea salt is used for restorative medical baths which possess all healthy properties of sea water. Another peculiarity of salt “Crystal” is high content of magnesium which gives antiphlogistic, analgesic and sedative effect in skin, masculoskeletal and peripheral nervous system diseases.


“Yaventa-Plus” company offers a wide choice of preparations based on natural plant extracts. Bath phytosalts, emulsions and inhalations are among them.


Method of natural plant extracts treatment must take its proper place in the medicine.


The combination of experience and modern technologies create unique phyto-aromatherapy methods of treatment and prophylaxis.


Essential oils have antiseptic, antimicrobial, antiphlogistic and antibacterial properties. They are successfully used in mental and emotional balance restore, hormone balance normalization, immunity regulation and stimulation. In a proper dosage it helps to prevent some diseases, takes off weariness, raises work efficiency and prevents stress and its consequences.


Nowadays the interest towards the natural therapy and preparations made from natural materials has increased. It is determined by inefficiency of synthetic medicine and high degree of allergic reactions because of  them. 


It is safe to speak about new direction in medicine based on rehabilitation of organism functional reserves due to activation of adaptational reactions and regulation of metabolism processes.


Essential oils touch the whole body surface in bathing. Due to its high penetrating ability they are quickly absorbed by skin and get into lymphatic system “cleaning” organs together with lymph. 


The assortment of “Yaventa-Plus” production includes next goods: iodine-bromine and sea salts, phytosalts with natural plant extracts (laurel, mint, sage, coriander, basil, fir, lavender, rose, eucalyptus), bishofite, paraffin, KJ, NaBr, coniferous concentrate, turpentine, oily plant extracts and water emulsions with extracts (for inhalations and infrictions), natural essential oils, phytoteas, medical-cosmetic gels.

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