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Food ingredients

Food Ingredients


“Yaventa-Plus” company offers a wide range of ingredients for food production.


Food colorants. Basic or mixed colors are used for getting color or its tint which is impossible when using individual color. In the food  industry they are used for coloration of jams, marmalades, pastry, bakery, ice-cream, dairy products, mayonnaises, salad sauces, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, cheeses, meat products, meat analogues, smoked fish and fish products.


Food colorants supplied by “Yaventa-plus” company are hygienically expertised by the Center of hygienic certification of food production under the RAMN Institute of Nutrition. Hygienic conclusion confirms that.


Stabilizers are used in production of mayonnaises, dressings, sauces, ketchups, soups, fruit jellies, fillings, sour-creams, yogurts, cottage cheeses, meat products, ice-cream. They are also used in stabilizing water-fat emulsions, bounding water in components, syneresis prevention. This saves more than 50% of oil not worsen the quality of product. The choice of stabilizer depends on requirements to the final product. “Yaventa-Plus” company offers a wide assortment of stabilizers for different branches  of food industry.


Antioxidants the same as preserving agents are used for extension of the shelf-life of products. Addition of antioxidants prevents rancidification of fat and fat-contented products, discoloration of fruits, slows down fermentative oxidation of wine, beer and alcohol-free beverages. As a result the shelf life of products is several times longer. Antioxidants are accepted as food ingredients by Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service. Besides that the Ministry of Health recommends to use antioxidants as food ingredients for the prevention of food oxidation. A  positive influence of antioxidants on a human health has been proved, for example tocopherols  block active radicals thus slowing down the process of ageing.  


Preservatives – agents continuing the shelf life of products, preventing them from spoiling caused by microorganisms (bacteria, moulds, yeasts). Specialists confirm that mytotoxines are more harmful for a man’s health than toxicologically tested preservatives. Some requirements are made towards chemical preservatives. They must have influence on microbes, not changing organoleptic properties of a product and undoubtedly be useful for human’s health. The Department of Consumer Rights Protection of Russian Federation Ministry of health controls aspects of food ingredients and preservatives usage. After the Department of  Consumer Rights Protection issues hygienic certificate on any of food raw materials, it can be used in recommended dosage without harmful consequences for consumers’ health.


In a modern food industry sweeteners are used instead of sugar. Sweeteners are unique sugar materials: they are more than 100 times sweeter than sugar and useful for production of diabetic and law-caloric food. “Yaventa-Plus” company offers a wide range of pure and mixed sweeteners. All sweeteners have appropriate certificates issued by Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service


Flavor intensifiers. L-glatumine acid and its salts are famous in this group of ingredients. Sodium, potassium, calcic and magnesium salts of L-glatumine acid are useful when adding in food. They enhance its natural taste properties, “renew”, “refresh”, “revive” its properties weakened after its storage. It is recommended for meat, fish, vegetables products, canned food, concentrates, dry soups, broths, sauces, ketchups, mayonnaises.


Gelling agents. Agar-agar is the strongest gelling agent, its gelling ability is 10 times higher than gelatin. Agar-agar is used in confectionary industry in production of jelly marmalade, marshmallows, and zephyrs, soft fillings for chocolate, “Ptichje moloko” sweets, soufflйs, creams, jellied meat and fish, puddings and ice-cream. There is a wide variety of agar-agar applications in the food industry. The amount of agar-agar depends on products standards and requirements.


Pectin was extracted from fruit juice. Large quantity of this component is contained in berries, fruits, strawberry, plants’ stems. By its chemical nature pectins are macromolecular compounds from the group of heteropolysaccharides. The main component of pectin is polygalacturonic acid which is partly esterified my methyl alcohol.


Gelatin has wide application in a food industry. This protein material consists of the mix of linear polypeptides with different molecular mass. Gelatin is used in many branches of confectionary industry, for canned meat and fish production, jellies, wine, ice-cream, jellied dishes, mousses, creams, cakes and other products. Gelatin is also used as stabilizer in the production of fermented dairy: yogurts, curdled milk, sour-cream, cottage cheese.


Carrageenan is used as gelling agent in production of jellied meat and fish, jelly, vegetable and fruit products, milk drinks and ice-cream. Wide application of carrageenan is due to its unique stabilizing and thickening properties. It improves a product’s structure, resilience and elasticity, cutting and syneresis stability. These carrageenan properties make it useful for production of boiled sausages, wieners, frankfurters and ham sausages, full muscled beef and pork products.


“Yaventa-Plus” company provides its customers with samples and technological recommendations for all gelling agents.

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