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Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd. "" Yaventa-plus "long-established itself in the market of food raw materials and spa products.
Being in contact with the leading manufacturers of food raw materials, the company is always aware of the latest market trends."Yaventa-Plus" is constantly working to expand the range of products and quality control of goods at the highest level.
In June 2006, the "Company" Yaventa Plus "has been certified for compliance with the Quality Management System to international standards ISO 9000:2008. In August 2009, the company has been re-certification audit to confirm compliance with the Quality Management System to international standards. The organization was granted ISO 9001:2008, which is a guarantor of effective functioning of the quality management system.
The introduction of quality systems in the company and its successful operation provide and guarantee high quality of products.
"Yaventa-Plus" - raw materials and ingredients for food industry: the richness of flavors and aromas!

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